Escaping the Open House at 61 W.

July 30th, 2016

After several months of discussion upon my surprise retirement after the early buyout, the announcement that the “Rezko” 67 acres will be developed, and a sort of land-rush on properties in the South Loop, we decided to sell the DreamHouse, and try and find a more modest spot in Hyde Park.

If this still works, it is 3D views and photos

Anyway, we paid a guy to “stage” our house which was more complex than we first anticipated. He set it up like a house of display, but it meant we had to pack up and move more than 1/2 of our belongings and furniture to storage spaces. We would move a carload each day, but in the end, we really moved lots of our belongings ourselves.

When the place went on the market and the Open Houses were schedule, we headed to Delray so we wouldn’t mess up the place. The trip was kind of fun, as we stopped in Memphis and then Mobile, instead of taking one of the “old same” routes. There was a Corvette convention in the hotel we stayed at in Mobile, so that was fun to see. Stopped in a wonderful diner in Mobile, too, called Bob’s Downtown Diner, which we would stop at anytime we visit Mobile.

In Delray, we tried to chill, though it was hot. We had a nice time snokeling at Peanut Island with Cheryl and her mother and some new Domaine neighbors, Denise and John (unit 103.) It was pretty hot for bike rides, but we did a few. Found a “tiny home” but it moved too quickly for us to catch it.

Wow, that's a nice house.

Stopped in St. Augustine on the way back to finalize more cruise plans with the Kielys. It was an uneventful drive for the most part, but we do enjoy our car trips.

[wppa]Delray Summer 2016[/wppa]

Damage Owing to Climate Change and Rising Sea Level

February 1st, 2016
Street damaged by rising water levels.

Street damaged by rising water levels.

One thing about visiting the same place for many years over time, is that you can notice changes. What is happening on the beautiful little street by the Marina in Delray is sad, but probably inevitable. Where they built seawalls, the Intracoastal doesn’t come up into yards, but the earth gets so saturated, that the brackish water from the Intracoastal seeps upward through the lawns of the houses right on this narrow section of the channel. The street is black-top and where the safety horses are, is undermined by the water. The debris shows where the water had risen at high tide. One property is uninhabitable because of the problem.

Everglades Bike Ride

February 1st, 2016

On  Sunday we were still fighting off colds, but decided a bike ride in the ‘Glades would be good. Last year we ventured to the south parts of the ‘Glades, visiting Loxahatchee and Shark Valley. For this ride, we headed to

There aren't any hills.

There aren’t any hills.

Arthur Marshall Nature Preserve, which is the ‘Glades in west Boynton Beach. Being “seniors” now, we have a National Parks pass, so it is free to get in. To our surprise, they’ve really fixed this area up. There are now 90 miles of bike trails. Some are like on the top of canals, and have a gravel surface. Since they are on canals, they are generally straight for miles and level.

The surface is fine for mountain bike tires, though there were spots where it was rough from previous  puddles, which had exposed larger chunks of rock. We headed south from the parking lot, and we were going at a leisurely pace, about 5 or 6 mph so that we could see any wildlife. The photo of the road doesn’t show the two white-tailed deer we scared up in this first part of the ride. They just kept ahead of us, showing us their white tails, but when we got close, they jumped into the open water, and swam across to the hammock area west of the canal and roadway.

One side of the trail was a shallow canal and then a woods area with pine and other trees (to the east) and on the other side was a channel and then the expanse of the Everglades. There’s been lots of rain (a record for January) so the cinquefoil and other ground covers were green and blooming.

We saw lots of herons and other water birds as we rode along. It was overcast and not too hot, which is what one wants when riding in the open air at the Everglades. We weren’t and we weren’t disappointed as we saw a medium alligator lying around. Later, as we headed back, the sun was out, and we were feeling kind of over-exposed. We tried riding on one of the grass paths that go through the marshy part of the ‘Glades, and we passed a very big alligator, but as the path was only about 4 feet wide, and his head was taking up about a foot of the trail, we just kept riding.

About 3 miles into the ride, there was quite an aerial display by some small planes. They were doing loop de loops, and lots of stunt flying. The scale was hard to get a bead on. Norm thought they were planes with people in them, but I thought they were models. It turns out we had passed near the West Delray Beach park that is set up for radio-controlled planes, cars, and boats. They were models, but as you see in the picture, it was hard to tell. I think the planes are about 4 feet across their wings. It was fun to watch them.


Snowbirds Alight for Now

January 30th, 2016

This year the cold season has struck us hard. Not cold as in temperature, but sore throat, chest cold, aches and pains kind of cold. We had to fly back to Chitown so Norm could see his doc, and I was presenting at the Environmental Law & Policy Council. I haven’t been so ill in a couple of years. Now we are back in Florida, and we are feeling better, but this bug is persistent.

I’m lining up some plays, kayaking, and other activities to expand our horizons. Norm is still working, but I’m still checking out what to do after one takes a buyout.

Kayaking information for areas around us means we will have to check out getting a kayak or two.

A ‘locals guide’ to kayaking the Intracoastal and Everglades

Aaron Medow puts in his kayak with the other Tuesday/Thursday Paddlers at Harvey E. Oyer Jr. Park in Boynton Beach to paddle along the Intracoastal Waterway. Photo by Tim Stepien For information on paddling groups in our area, click here. By Deborah S.


Biking Scene in Miami and environs

January 1st, 2016

Biking events in the larger Miami area


Do you know of a bicycle related event in South Florida which is not included in the calendar below? If so, contact The Miami Bike Scene with all the event information and it will be added to listings.

The Reids visit 10/30 to 11/2 2015

November 3rd, 2015

Had a wonderful mini-vacation with Larry and Gail. They flew here for a couple of days. We hung out at the Ocean and pool, as it is unseasonably warm and dry here.

Finally went to the Livingroomtheater at FAU.  We saw “Labyrinth of Lies.”

We had a good time just hanging out and catching up. Gail and Larry are retired now, so this is new territory for all of us.

The condo painting was going on and that was kind of a pain, but we got through it. Next year, we will arrange for them to visit when it is the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival, as they are quite the movie buffs.

What to do in Winter Suggestions

November 3rd, 2015

Some ideas for January and February 2015

If the weather is right, maybe we will ride in this in January.

Cape Coral Tour De Cape

January 17, 2016 Tour De Cape Bike Rides Sunday’s bike tours offer varied routes from 15, 30, 60, and 100 mile courses in the west and north sections of Cape Coral. The event provides a continental breakfast, lunch, on route rest stations with snacks and beverages, SAG vehicles, Police support, and route maps.



Stake out a great viewing spot and catch the Edison Festival of Light Parade — a two-hour extravaganza featuring national participants and local marching bands. Wave to Paperboy on the Florida Weekly float. This year’s parade takes place 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 21 (

Go stargazing in an ancient bald cypress forest at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary ( The next monthly Corkscrew After Hours is Friday, Feb. 20. There will only be a sliver of a moon, which means dark skies for great stargazing.


Kayaking at Jonathon Dickinson State Park

October 27th, 2015

Today we drove up to Jonathon Dickinson State Park to go kayaking on the Loxahatchee River. It is about an hour’s drive north. You take 95 to Indiantown Road, and then take 811/N1 to the park. We were the only people who decide to kayak today. It was windy (about 16 mph) but while that made it a bit harder to paddle, it wasn’t a deal breaker. The park was an army base in the 1940s, but all the army buildings are gone, leaving a large park behind. There is an observation tower there, too, called “Hobe Mountain.” It is worth the climb to take a look, as in Florida you don’t usually get a vista. Things are certainly relative, when you realize that it is the highest natural point in Florida, worthy of the name “mountain,” though it is only 86 feet above sea-level.

Kayaking on the main river wasn’t that interesting, but we explored a little back water that was quiet and beautiful. We saw several pairs of ospreys (sea eagles) and there were fish jumping out the water. At $30 for two kayaks for two hours, we reckoned it was a bargain. Next time, we’ll head to John D. MacArthur park, for kayaking there.

HObe mtn view
Ocean from Hobe Mtn
Burned roots
Flowers at Hobe Mtn
What is Hobe Mtn
Remnants of old military camp at Jonathon Dickinson
Bki in kayak
Nice look to the vista
Norm, paddling
Norm again
Little side water

Food and Grocery Shopping

October 25th, 2015

Farmer’s Markets, fresh produce:

Grocery stores (walking distance)

Liquor stores

  • Publix liquor store in Mall by Publix groceries
  • Crown is on Federal, about 2 blocks north of condo

Fresh Fish

  • Old Dixie Seafood House (October is Stone Crab season) has fresh fish and shrimp, shrimp dish and they sell decent wine so you can skip the liquor store. Ask them how to cook it, etc. They love to help you learn to cook fish. Coming from the Midwest, this was something we learned to cook down here.

Some places we’ve checked out recently

October 24th, 2015

Here are some good places to check out for eating or drinking as of October 2015. Parking in downtown Delray is either impossible to find or expensive. Instead, take the free taxi service (you tip the drivers — use the app to call one.) The DownTowner will come right to the condo, then you call it later from wherever you are in Delray to come home. Don’t be one of the too numerous D.U.I’ers in Delray.

The newest that our Snake Person neighbors recommend is Free House on Atlantic Ave. near Veterans Park.  Here are some of our favs around town.

Free House American Eatery & Pub – Sports Bar Delray Beach

Free House American Eatery & Pub combines traditional British style pub with American fare. Free House offers our guests the ultimate experience for food, drink and entertainment while offering hand-crafted cocktails, local craft beers, and much more – Best Sports Bar Delray Beach!

Home – Social House Delray

Do you honestly think you can just walk into a place like Max’s Social House, grab a table, and sit down?! Well, if you’re feeling that lucky-you could always take a shot! Their enthusiastic and friendly staff will always do their absolute best to accommodate you and your crew!

Kevro’s Art Bar

No Description


No Description

No Title

Winners of the Inaugural 2014 Restaurant of the Year Award by the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce, Caffe Luna Rosa is located directly across from the ocean in Delray Beach, Fl. Caffe Luna Rosa offers a memorable and authentic Italian dining experience in a casual atmosphere.


The Le Tub Saloon in Hollywood, Fl. Best Hamburger in America.

Jimmy’s Bistro

Jimmy’s Bistro, Delray Beach, FL. 1,096 likes · 7 talking about this · 1,272 were here. No-Nonsense! No Rules! At Jimmy’s we offer only the best!

Two Georges Waterfront Restaurant, Lounge and Sports Bar

Casual waterfront restaurants, lounges and tiki bars located on the Intracoastal waterway in both Boynton Beach & Deerfield Beach, FL.

Cap’s Place Island Restaurant – Seafood – South Florida – Waterfront

For over 85 years Cap’s Place has been known for fresh native seafood, hearts of palm salad, succulent steaks, chops and chicken. Cap’s extensive selection of fish and shellfish dishes offer the very best in casual waterfront dining. Our menu includes only the freshest local dolphin, wahoo, cobia, snapper, pompano, lobster and stone crab, varying with the catch.

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