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The Falcon House

florida / January 3, 2009

This one had us tricked on appearances from the highway. It looks like a place for the older, early bird special crowd, but we finally checked it out. What an oversight on our part.

the bar at Falcon House
the bar at Falcon House
Right in downtown Delray is a rival to our perennial fav DaDa. It is the Falcon House, also in an old house, but right on Federal (going North.) You go to the alley behind Falcon House and to find parking behind the restaurant. They serve their version of tapas, which are like American food favorites, but in little dishes for sharing. The seating is outside, but under a roof. Strong, but good, drinks. Oh, the *real* phone number is 561-243-9499 (some of the review sites list the wrong number) but like the reviews say, “never as crowded as DaDa.

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