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florida / January 3, 2009
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Lately, we’ve been expanding our horizons beyond the “old favorites” we’ve frequented for years. Here are some of the new places we have sampled:

  • Rustic Inn is on the intercoastal SOUTH of Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale airport. It is huge, and features buttery crabs of all kinds. You eat and get messy — bibs are provided. It was fun, good, a bit expensive (crabs always are…) but on the water. It is about a 40 min. drive.
  • Le Tub, Ft. Lauderdale, about 45 min. drive is like something out of a Travis Mcgee story. It is in a pleasantly seedy stretch of A-1-A, squeezed between the road and the intercoastal. Look for the parking lot which is just north of the place. “Seat yourself” is the rule, and there is seating in a jungly area, or all along the waterfront. This is not a vegetarian friendly restaurant, as hamburgers are their specialty, but it is a cool place to relax, have a drink, and watch the boats and birds.
    From a table at LeTub
    From a table at LeTub

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