Falcon House, Always Fun

florida / October 31, 2009

We hung around the pool in the afternoon. Stopped by Falcon House for cocktail hour. Norm likes the Chamber of Commerce crowd that hangs there after work. Around the time the folks with costumes started coming in, we decided to head for home. Connected the laptop to the nice monitor Kevin bought for the condo, and watched my cheesy fav show — Castle.

It is a hot spell down here. Normally, at least according to locals, it cools off around the beginning of October. It is still up in the high 80s at the end of the month. Can’t be “open” yet, except in the morning.

We’d planned another early ride, but Norm slept in today (OMG, did not wake until 9:30 a.m.) I’m grading student work. Today is the opening of Green Market for the “season,” so we’re going there. I got a nice organic chicken and we will have locovore veggies with it tonight.