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Winter 2010 Sojourn Draws to an End

florida / January 14, 2010

We are going back to Chicago, and wouldn’t you know it, it will be in the 70s today. Sigh. This has been quite the chilly stay. It didn’t get much above 61 the entire time we were here. It is what you call “iguana drop” weather, as the poor dears get so cold they fall out of trees. We did not see this, but Norm did find a big lizard that had experienced drop. He put it on the pavement so that it might warm up and be revived.

Being cooped up in a condo might sound bad, but it was nothing compared to folks who had no space heaters, or those who were staying in motel rooms. We did hear one man remark, “well, you can’t just sit in the bar and drink all day.” We had our laptops and DSL, so we did fine. I had time to figure out how to make a playlist for my iPod at last. Norm worked out his security and tranmission issues.

We found a new nature area (Delray Oaks.) We only went to one movie, Sherlock Holmes, because the rest of the movie offerings sucked. We bought fresh fish and got better at cooking fish. We rearranged the furniture and framed some maps of Florida for our collection. I got my syllabii for next semester written up. We had a great time with the Kielys at New Years. We had a wonderful time, though I would have liked to swim…

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