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February winds down, hope for a warm March

florida / February 27, 2010

I snuck out of snow and more snow in Chicago (I know, NYC is worse…) for a condo “townhall meeting.” Delray Beach is a quirky place. Thank goodness it isn’t built up like Boca or Palm Beach. Interesting to see most of the occupants in the flesh. The guard has changed from the time when ma was first down here and the kids were small. Time happens.

Lake Michigan - Landsat
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The weather got chilly down here again, 50s-60s, but it when the sun is out, it warms up quite a bit. I’m headed for the beach. I’ll take a swim, as the water is 73 degrees and thus still 10 degrees above what I’ve swum in, in Lake Michigan. The trouble down here is wind. When its 66 but there’s a 20 MPH wind, it can chill you as you emerge from the ocean.

We are  getting the place painted, the title is in my name, I’m starting to feel at (second) home. Maybe I’ll look at the FAU job board…

T-Mobile works better here than in Wilmette, ironically enough. I got lots of work done, but I was sitting watching palm trees, not oaks amid ice.

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