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Work, work, but play

florida / March 26, 2010

We’ve been putting things back after the painting, and with the quilts we brought down, figuring out how to hang them. The dishwasher is working again, thank goodness. We rode bikes and went past Briny Breezes on Old Ocean Road. That is a nice bike ride. When you reach the part of the road that is posted “No Bikes,” you turn left to go back to A1A (it is just north of Woolbright Ave.) and there is a hidden gem of a nature preserve. The residents of the area guard this, by not allowing any parking nearby. On bikes, it is accessible. It leads you from A1A toward the Intercoastal Intracoastal. There is a nice dock and an observation tower. The whole ride was about 14 or 15 miles long. Nice way to start the day.

Norm has a regular bike down here now, so he rode yesterday, and I did laps. I swim around the whole pool, as I never learned to do racing turns. That was one downside of York H.S., where there was no pool in my day. We both had senior moments and forgot to wear sun screen at the pool, because we thought “Oh we are only going to be down there for 15 mins.” We are red as lobsters. Good thing it’s overcast today.

We went to Caldwell Theater last night and saw a very interesting though short play based on Hemingway’s “Old Man and the Sea.” Poor Caldwell is having donor problems, as this area of Florida is in economic decline. Real estate prices are still falling, and there aren’t many jobs. That theater company does a good job, and the theater itself is a little gem.