Hanging out

My summer vacation

florida / July 10, 2010
With my folding bikes
Image by biverson via Flickr

I am happy to report that the colors we chose look just as good in the summer sunlight as they did in the winter. I’m waiting on delivery of a Japanese step-chest for the back bedroom. I made some rockin’ shrimp with rice, trying to enjoy them before they become priced out of my range. I’ve been to the ocean twice, just in case it gets spoiled by the spill in the gulf.

It’s snorkle season as most days there is no wind nor waves. I tried riding Norm’s bike to Red Reef in Boca, but it was too hot and the bike doesn’t work for me (the angles are all wrong.) I’ll go back to the folding bikes. I have to do homework for a class/grant I have from work. It is actually very interesting, as it is creating a hybrid online class.

Well, I’m off for an afternoon dip in the pool.