Hanging out

Down for Christmas 2010

florida / December 27, 2010

Joined by the newlyweds, Liz & Adam, we spent Christmas Eve on jet skis, exploring the Intercoastal 

Adam at House on Federal

Intracoastal up near the Two Georges. Technology permitted us to join our family up north via Skype for Christmas Eve, too. It was fun to see ourselves on the ‘big screen’ in our house and watch the little ones (Ivy, Patrick, Finn, and Hunter) as well as John and Pam and the rest of them, interact with us via telepresence.

Then Kitty and Kevin out did us, but setting up the virtual fireplace on their TV, Santa hats, and skyping in from Wisco. The cats are sort of confused by skype. Most of them can hear your voice, but can’t see you and it sets them off.

Back in the 50s, this would have been Sci-Fi. I guess I should have photo-documented it, but I was just in the moment and enjoyed it. Maybe we’ll Skype with Herb and I can grab a shot of that.