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Duffy’s TV outside

florida / January 3, 2011

Duffy’s, originally uploaded by biverson.

The time for the Bears v. Green Bay game drew near and Norm realized it wouldn’t be televised on our basic cable plan, as we are on the East Coast in Delray. I called Duffy’s and they were tuning in the game.

What a madhouse. We had wisely decided to eat at home, and thus were only there to watch and have a drink. Who knew it would be 2 for 1 drinks? But the bar and restaurant areas were packed, and of course lots of patrons were down for the count, so to speak.

We found a nice bench outside, watched the sunset, the Bears lose (too bad) and had a couple of beers. Lots of other people were angsty, but it worked for us. Who needed more friend food with lots of cheese, anyway?