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Home improvements and free-range eggs

florida / January 8, 2011
Norm putting kitchen island together.

The kitchen island arrived, is assembled and is bringing us a great sense of satisfaction. It is just what we needed to get the kitchen organized. Two people can actually cook and prepare food in there together now.

Then the shutters arrived. They are very nice beech wood, with the Hurricane style, big slats. They have to be primed and then painted before being hung. It is hard, so I suited up as Elvis, and got busy with it.

Farmers’ Market was good this week. We are now buying fresh fish there, as Norm is learning how to prepare it. There was guy with grass-fed beef, so we got some tenderloin tips (looking forward to stroganoff) and some ground beef. The best was the couple with one of their hens who sell free-range eggs. They even let me pet the hen. Oh, Chicky, I miss you. One of the best pets I ever had! And one that paid her own way with a fresh egg daily.

free-range eggs
Fresh eggs from Farmers' Market