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florida / May 28, 2011
Bki at Deck84

Norm told work he was actually taking vacation, however, bad stacks, loose links, and arcane TAL from the 90s lead to a service call that extended from Monday until yesterday about 3 p.m. You can cry for me Argentina, but one can only go to the Mall so many times, swim alone, read by poolside, until it gets tiresome.

When the problem was located, we took off to exchange some carbonator tubes (Jake and Jen will know what that means) and then hit Delray‘s Atlantic Ave. on Friday just in time for “Happy Hour.”

Old people’s Busch’s on the intercoastal intracoastal has re-opened as Deck 84. In a sense it has literally re-opened, as the outdoor deck overlooking the ICW that was covered with see-thru plastic so it could be air-conditioned for the elderly is actually open now. Ceiling fans are keeping it cool. We had some interesting drinks there, and a wonderful Wasabi-encrusted seared tuna appetizer. For thrills, the bridge opened and closed. It was very nice. A mixed crowd of after works and young people. It is not your old time Busch’s crowd anymore.

Then we walked the Ave, which we haven’t done in ages.  Vic & Angelo’s outdoor bar (next to the railroad tracks) looked okay, but hearing Frank Sinatra did not attract us. The Oyster Bar was all closed up and we wanted outdoor ambiance. We had hit the Martini bar the night of Jazz on the Avenue. Then we realized the Office, the bar Jeff told us was the new hot spot, wasn’t crowded yet, so we beelined over there.

It is on the corner of 4th and Atlantic, and the outdoor bar is situated so your bar stool is on the sidewalk. This place is not “green” in any way, shape or form, as while you sit at the bar, air-conditioned air cascades out of the bar onto the bar patrons. That is pretty decadent. They had a cocktail hour, too. We had real upscale drinks and a wonderful Spanish Toast appetizer.

On our walk back to the car, we found the new “PopUp” restaurant. A chef who is known all over Delray is going to run the Popup for 4 months, “for locals” as a waiter told us. What a cool idea. Anywhere, that’s where we are going tonight.

We decided to head home then, just as the restaurants were filling up (gosh, it must have been after 6 p.m.) and we grilled steaks and enjoyed our dinner.