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florida / May 18, 2011

The flight down was exciting because Southwest featured $5 WiFi. I couldn’t believe it. I finalized my grades and submitted them from 37,000 ft. At $5, it is worth it.

I can't believe we were online in an airplane.

The weather here is a balm for our souls. It was about 85 º when we got here. Went to Publix on the way here to get the basics like half and half and coffee, and ran into Don. He warned us about the crack-addled (literally) denizen of one of the units – a bald woman who haunts the pool area at night. Creepy.

Went to a new restaurant in town, Cafe de France, on the Ave. Had a prix fixe, which was quite good. Sitting outside was so restful. The place is kitty-corner from Old School, so we felt ma was checking out the new place with us.

This time here, we don’t really have lots of fixing up or painting to do, so it is nice to just enjoy the fruit of our previous labors. The shutters in the front room are perfect, the new colors are good.

We both have conference calls today, and then some ocean time and pool time should figure into our schedules. Making plans to meet Kielys before we go back to Chicago in June.

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