The Water Taxi

florida / January 8, 2012
Map of Fort Lauderdale water taxi.
Map of Fort Lauderdale water taxi.

Fort Lauderdale is likened to Venice. We decided to take a ride on the water taxi and it was wonderful. They have added an extension to the water taxi routes that goes south to Hollywood and back. What a great trip.

We found public parking by Stop 7, near the Hilton Marina hotel and the stop itself. Note to others who follow: there is a restaurant there, China Grill, where one could use the head before boarding the water taxi.

The Hollywood Express leg of the taxi doesn’t stop as frequently as the regular taxi, so it is more like a boat ride. It takes about 2 hours to go from Stop 7, down to Hollywood, and then back. The ride is nice, and one can choose to stop at the Tiki Hut (ask the captain to stop for a beer run) or one of our favorites, Le Tub.

Then when we got back to Stop 7, we boarded the inbound water taxi and went up into town, by Las Olas and past Ma’s last boat trip site, to the Pirate bar for lunch. Then we took the taxi back to Stop 7 and headed home. It was a great way to spend a Saturday.

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