Weather Cooler, Ushers in New Toilet

florida / January 3, 2012

No there is not a real tie between the weather and our getting a new toilet, but I liked the sound of it. It did cool off last night and Norm wants the heat on today. It isn’t that it is cold per se, but that it is cool, say in the 50s, with a nasty and strong north north-east wind.

Went to Dada’s last night and were excited to see some changes on the menu. It is still good food, but something different. We took a longish bike ride yesterday, to Spanish River bridge and back. Our New Year’s Day brunch cruise was way better than we expected, from seeing a manatee surface, to tasty food, and good weather. We cruised up towards Manalapan which we’ve not done before on the big boats. I shot a couple nice panoramas of Briny Breezes, the mobile home community that might actually disappear in the next few years.