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Air Conditioner Problems Require Emergency Visit During “Rainy Season”

florida / June 19, 2012

We just moved to our condo in Chicago when we got the news that the air conditioner down here was on the fritz. It turned out to need a new fan motor, and we got the electrical problems resolved at the same time. We did realize that it is lots quicker to get from 61W to Midway than it was from Wilmette. Cheaper, too. The flight was smooth and quick.

So, beside the homeowner issues, what else is new? Sad to say, the Surf Cafe on Old Dixie, is closed up and for sale. That is a loss. However, Geina from next door put us onto the Park Tavern, at 4 E. Atlantic (kitty corner from the Office bar) where they have a nice happy hour. Little sliders, good cocktails (one with vodka and ginger beer!)

Screwpine (pandanas-utilis) cone losing its “teeth.”

Here are some photos. The interesting views were of the screw pine, which is going through some kind of transformation in its cones. First it got the cones, around Christmas time. Some people thought they were decorations. It is June now, and two of the cones are dropping the seeds which are like big teeth. The cone thing, looks like an orange with the peel scrapped off. Apparently there are many agricultural uses for screw pine, including as a flavor for rice, and “The fruit is regarded as a great delicacy. The wholesome and healthy fruit of the screwpine can be eaten in raw or in cooked form. To separate the fruit part from the outer covering, knock it on a hard surface. The inner flesh ripe part is to be chewed. In an oven, cook the part of the fruit which is not yet ripe after wrapping it in banana and other leathery type of leaves. After two hours, the fruit is ready to be eaten.

We rode bikes, went out to eat, made some awesome mahi mahi “en papellote” and spent lots of time in the pool. It was nice in the ocean, too. Waves, but no pests.

There is a Michaels craft store going in at the mall where Books-a-Million had been.  We did go to the Norton Museum on Sunday, and they had a delightful display from their permanent collection. Some really nice abstracts by Leger and Joan Mitchell, and some nice work from Italy in the 1600s. Well, that about all the news from House on Federal for this visit.