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Iverson Update: New Years 2012

florida / January 4, 2013
Iverson Mall
Iverson Mall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We made it through another year. This one was pretty tumultuous. Only one year ago, Norm was recuperating from medical stuff and we were glad to be able to be where it was warm.

Spending last January in Florida helped get us out of a mindset of patient and illness and back on track.

We finally got our vague thoughts about moving out of the suburbs and back into the city focused and we decided to sell in January, got a realtor in February, and by March it was on the market.

The mechanics of sorting through and paring down one’s belongings after 20 years in one place are fairly mundane. It boils down to “it’s a lot of work” and “get rid of stuff.” Our realtor Danielle Dale convinced Norm that the house wasn’t just a “tear down,” and helped us stage the house and sell some of the best antiques and such to local shops. Check out the movie of our house – it actually looks so good it was tempting not to sell it!

The real estate bust was good for something. I’d had my eye on a Stanley Tigerman building called Burnham Station Midrise for years. We would pass it on the way to Sox Games sometimes. It had always seemed out of range, but things were right, and we found a unit there with 3 bedrooms, in our price range and settled in there in June 2012. I took a class in the Fall with the wonderful Nicole Hollander cartoonist who drew Sylvia for years, and I’ve created my version of the “dream house” move (you can view a .pdf of it.)

Liz teaching
Liz at work. She ran the Thanksgiving Assembly and then supervised the students who cooked a Thanksgiving meal to share.

Liz and Adam moved back to Chicago from New York, too. She’d lived there for 10 years with college, grad school, and meeting Adam. Adam was able to keep his New York job, but work from home. Liz got a teaching position at Ancona school in Hyde Park.

Herb was accepted into the Americorp program for one year, working for the Asian American Institute. Liz and Adam were living in a house, with Alison Adams, Liz’s girlhood friend, and guess who moved into the basement of their rental house on Fletcher St.? Norm and I are proud that we raised our kids to be good friends as well as siblings.

It is the eve of New Year’s Eve, and I’m sitting on the screened porch in Florida, windows open, enjoying the evening breeze here. We were swimming in the Atlantic earlier, went to a Craft Fair in Delray, and are happy to have the noisy, intrusive porch replacement work finished just as we got down here.

We’ll be back in Chicago in a couple of weeks Unlike last year when we had to haul out the snow blower  as soon as we returned north, this year, we’ll pull into a heated garage and there’s a service if the snow needs plowing.

We are really enjoying both living in a condo requiring no yard work and being downtown.