Hanging out

Kiely Visit Features Ups and Downs

florida / January 15, 2013

As Kiely called to say they were near Delray Beach, I felt that awful “food poisoning” feeling. I fear it was either from Two George’s bisque the day before, or sadly but more likely, from what tasted good — lunch at Graingers.

Thus the Kiely visit began on a less than auspicious note. We did watch football. The next day, we had a nice swim but Kiely got water in his ear, so that slowed us down. The highlight of Sunday was “Downton Abbey.”

Norman’s excellent seared tuna on my new leaf platter.

However, Monday was different. Norm made us a late lunch of seared Ahi Tuna, that was fantastic as you can see.

We called the Downtowner that evening. It is a cool electric golf cart for 6 people. The parking on the Avenue as well as traffic is awful, so the Chamber of Commerce picks up the tab for the Downtowner and all you pay for is tipping the driver. They picked us up at the condo, and we went to “The Office” but actually had Happy Hour at the Park.

Kevro’s Art Bar on 4th, featuring some very good Chicago-style blues.

From there, we strolled to Kevro’s Art Bar where it was Blues Night. The show was really excellent. We sat outside and listed to good blues, and when it started to rain we moved to the canvas-covered patio. We had quite the good time, listening, dancing, and partying. This is when the Downtowner becomes the intelligent choice, as we called it up, and got a ride from Kevro’s back to House on Federal. What a fun time for all!