Hanging out

Barb and Norm Thwarted in Attempt to Take a Swim

florida / March 30, 2013
NOTE: these were taken with my cellphone camera as I did not expect the “Martian Invasion” scenario at the beach. Click photos to enlarge them a bit.

Norm was working hard when he was down here alone. When Barb arrived it was chilly (for Florida) and so they swam in the pool but decided the Easter Weekend would be good for an ocean visit.

Finally the cutting NE wind had changed to a 0-1 mph E wind. The temperature rose to the 70s and that sun is out in the wonderful Easter Egg blue sky.


After a wonderful time at Wakodahatchie which is noted elsewhere, they had an expresso, settled on  recipe for a lamb roast for Easter dinner and set out on bikes for the AtlanticDunes Beach.

These boys would throw the ball close to the security guard and try and get close to the “Danger Zone.”

What a surprise, beach

This man looked like he came from NJ and had worked construction for 40 years. He and the guard had a happy, animated discussion about the dredging and dozers.

dredging by a company from Chicago/Oak Brook, had smashed up a reef,and hard at work at the beach. In the very area where David Joel had so happily whiled away hours with his laptop at the beach, now bulldozers, dredges, an implement that could be described as “surf walker” were hard at work and the area where David had napped and emailed, was cordoned off as “Dangerous.”

The sand/bottom slurry process seems to cut lots of the sea grass that grows at the bottom of the sea into small bits which then wash up with the regular seaweed.
You can see the measuring stick in this shot. It seems to indicate how thick the new beach should be.
You can see “surf walker” in the distance.
The barge and surf walker is on the restored part of the beach here.
The tow barge, the strange raft-like thing it tows, and the dredge. The tow messed up one of the reefs along the coast.
Surf walker is moving from the restored beach out toward the dredge. We could not tell what exactly it did, but it was so sci-fi we couldn’t stop watching it.