Hanging out florida / December 29, 2013

OMG. Big negative for us. The movie show across the street has closed down. Developers are going to build [another] fitness club where once you could see movies on 18 screens. It really sucks, as there are fitness clubs nearby, but no movie show. Grrr…

Electric Ant

The lights in the kitchen weren’t working but after an inspection behind the switch plate we determined it was *NOT* electric  or crazy ants. That is a relief.

There was incursion of ants, but they were coming in from outside, and spraying on the front porch seemed to kill them off.

The bikes are working. It is kind of cloudy, and so we haven’t been swimming, but just having windows open and getting a good cross-breeze is like swimming in the air. It makes me think of Ma and how she thought this place was like a little treehouse.

The Condo meeting went well. We’ve got reserves, and nothing untoward. The assessment actually went down. Looking forward to when the kids can come down here with us.