Back to Usher Out 2014

florida / December 17, 2014

We’re back. Had a rousing trip down. We always listen to audiobooks. This year’s choice was “The Smoke at Dawn”  by Jeff Shaara. He calls it a novel of the Civil War. It is historically accurate, but he creates dialogue for the characters, based on their letters and accounts about them. This one pits Braxton Bragg vs. Grant and Sherman, after Chickamauga, when they were fighting in Chattanooga and at Lookout Mountain.

It was enjoyable, because we drove to Chattanooga, and even stopped to do a site visit at Lookout Mountain. Somehow the story and the history are easier to understand when you see the roads, creeks, obstacles, and railways where the battles took place. Spoiler Alert: the Union won at Chattanooga, however the various plaques there are either red or blue. Both of them talk about attacking “the enemy” which has a strange sound to my northern ears.

We stopped and dinner with Kielys, and Patrick introduced us to Oyster shooters. Good.

I did my bike ride this morning. The recession must be over, as real estate is booming again (this is Florida.) The worst thing on the “The Avenue” is the addition of an Urban Outfitters. Otherwise, same restaurants for the most part.

Got to the Boys’ at 10 a.m. and that was timely, as it was hardly crowded at all. It is mid 70s so no beach today. Maybe a swim in the pool this afternoon. Sunny and nice down here.