Hanging out

Return of the Snowbirds

florida / October 24, 2015

We had a wonderful time here last winter, though I didn’t post too much on the blog. We had to return to Chicago so I could get back to teaching before the end of January. The winter weather hung on in Chicago, and we got a nice spring and summer, but they were just a month later than normal, meaning that May was rainy and dreary, June was cold but sunnier, and July was like June is supposed to be.

We couldn’t manage a return trip until now (which is October 2015) though Paula Poremskis and her friend Wendy came for a week in September.

The biggest thing that happened in 2015, aside from turning 65, was getting (and accepting) a buyout offer from Columbia College Chicago. So suddenly, in the middle of the semester, I realized that Spring 2015 would be my last semester. That changed everything — at least everything about where Norm and I will be residing when the cold settles into Chicago.