Escaping the Open House at 61 W.

florida / July 30, 2016

After several months of discussion upon my surprise retirement after the early buyout, the announcement that the “Rezko” 67 acres will be developed, and a sort of land-rush on properties in the South Loop, we decided to sell the DreamHouse, and try and find a more modest spot in Hyde Park.

If this still works, it is 3D views and photos

Anyway, we paid a guy to “stage” our house which was more complex than we first anticipated. He set it up like a house of display, but it meant we had to pack up and move more than 1/2 of our belongings and furniture to storage spaces. We would move a carload each day, but in the end, we really moved lots of our belongings ourselves.

When the place went on the market and theĀ Open Houses were schedule, we headed to Delray so we wouldn’t mess up the place. The trip was kind of fun, as we stopped in Memphis and then Mobile, instead of taking one of the “old same” routes. There was a Corvette convention in the hotel we stayed at in Mobile, so that was fun to see. Stopped in a wonderful diner in Mobile, too, called Bob’s Downtown Diner, which we would stop at anytime we visit Mobile.

In Delray, we tried to chill, though it was hot. We had a nice time snokeling at Peanut Island with Cheryl and her mother and some new Domaine neighbors, Denise and John (unit 103.) It was pretty hot for bike rides, but we did a few. Found a “tiny home” but it moved too quickly for us to catch it.

Wow, that's a nice house.

Stopped in St. Augustine on the way back to finalize more cruise plans with the Kielys. It was an uneventful drive for the most part, but we do enjoy our car trips.

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