February 2017 Updates

florida / November 28, 2017

Mid-February Update. Norm had to return to Chicago for work for two weeks but Kitty was able to break free of work and come down for a week. I made a list of the activities that are new since her last visit and we have been checking off that bucket list. We hit the Avenue on Friday (2/9/17) via Downtowner for Happy Hour at Caffe Martier. Delicious bar food specials and very well-mixed cocktails. This is Norm’s new go-to place since the tragic closing of Falcon House and then Max’s So-Ho, on Federal.

Barbara, Kitty, Wendy, and Deb out on the town in Delray Beach

Then we explored the Avenue, looking for nothing in particular, but we ran into the Meister crew who were in Boca and Delray. I knew Jacob Meister, but these were his sisters and bro-in-law. Good Midwesterners, all. We found a nice outdoor table at O’Connor’s but we did have to go north of the Avenue to find a bar we could approach in the crowds out there on Friday night. It was some kind of lunar eclipse and a full-moon. Delray was humming.

On Saturday, we ate a Jimmy’s. We headed right back to the condo because we had stayed out having fun with the Meisters and because we were going canoeing at Grassy Waters Preserve in the morning. February is a great time to visit Grassy Waters because they feature an exhibit of Highwayman paintings for Black History Month. The canoeing is more about being in the preserve and learning about Florida ecology, than vigorous canoeing, but it was a perfect day, and we enjoyed it.

Monday we had massage and foot reflexology at Tao & Zen massage. I have been fighting a cold since I was last in Chicago more than two weeks ago, and the treatment was cathartic. It is a great place, where the massage is a little different than what Kitty and I had had before, but I would recommend it to anyone. You don’t disrobe, and everyone is in a big room, but the style of massage is unique and really effective.

We are grilling out by the Banyon tonight, and watching the Showtime Billions. The weather is wonderful and I got Kitty to relax a bit. It has been a fun visit.