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Eat, drink, have fun

Fall Winter Activities Guide 2015 2016 from Delray Beach website

Lately, we’ve been expanding our horizons beyond the “old favorites” we’ve frequented for years. Here are some of the new places we have sampled:

  • Cap’s Place – a trip to old Florida. You drive, park, and then take a boat to Cap’s. It used to be a speakeasy. Be sure to get the directions to Cap’s as it is off the beaten path.
  • Rustic Inn is on the intercoastal SOUTH of Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale airport. It is huge, and features buttery crabs of all kinds. You eat and get messy — bibs are provided. It was fun, good, a bit expensive (crabs always are…) but on the water. It is about a 40 min. drive.
  • Le Tub, Ft. Lauderdale, about 45 min. drive is like something out of a Travis Mcgee story. 3109955123_512998d973_mIt is in a pleasantly seedy stretch of A-1-A, squeezed between the road and the intercoastal. Look for the parking lot which is just north of the place. “Seat yourself” is the rule, and there is seating in a jungly area, or all along the waterfront. This is not a vegetarian friendly restaurant, as hamburgers are their specialty, but it is a cool place to relax, have a drink, and watch the boats and birds.
  • Two Georges is a venerable “old favorite” for our family members. It has nice seating, okay food, and is Kitty’s favorite spot in the area.Happy Couple at Two Georges'ma-2 Georges
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