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Alas, the fresh food place is no more. Green Market is on E. 4th on Saturday mornings from Oct. to May. Otherwise, you just have to settle for Publix.

About 7 blocks north of the House, at 3rd street, on the west side of Federal (the part that is going south) is a new little store that sells fresh fruit, organic fruit and veggies, cool bread (if you get it day-old, it’s only $1.00.) It is in a little house and the woman who runs it is very nice. Bring your own bag. I got a loaf of bread one day for $1 and I got a bag of onion rolls, a bag of bagels — all just one day old, and just $1.

The outposts where we used to buy oranges are all closed — closest one is in West Palm, like 20 miles away, so this place is your best bet, and a short walk/run/bike/drive away.

Green Market is by Old School Sq every Saturday a.m. and is well worth it. They do not sell coffee, for some bizarre reason, so get a cup before you go there. The crepes from the cart are excellent.

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