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How to leave the Condo (less than 50 ways)


Updated 9/2015

When you arrive:

  1. Unlock the shutters on the back porch. The key is on a loop on the door handle of the washer & dryer closet on the back porch. RAISE THEM SLOWLY after you unlock them, up to the top of the screens. If you lift them fast, they will lock in the up position and you will have to take them apart to unlock them.
    Put the key back on the door handle when you’re done.
  2. Turn on the hot water in the washer and dryer closet (south wall on the back porch),
    1. — the switch is high up on the back wall of the closet.
    2. — use a broomstick to flip the switch on
  3. While you’re back there, plug in the washer (standard 110 v outlet) and dryer (220 v big plug).
  4. The programmable thermostat should have been set on COOL to 72 degrees for two hours every morning between 6am and 8am, and to 80 degrees at all other times. You can change this to any schedule you want, preferably to OFF if the weather is nice. Turning it off doesn’t change the schedule, but if you DO change the schedule you’ll need to reprogram it when you leave.
  5. The electronics may have been unplugged (not the internet router nor the cable TV box) to protect them from infamous Florida power surges and excess capacitance without discharge. Just plug them into the most convenient outlet.
  6. There’s a bike tire pump in the porch closet if you want to ride bikes. The combination for both the pink bike lock in the red bike’s basket and the black lock on the Schwinn  is 1-4-0-5. There are two folding bikes in the front closet if you need 4 bikes.
  7. You can walk or drive to the beach. Go south to Linton, then left. Cross the bridge, go left a block. The beach parking is on your left and beach on the right – Atlantic Dunes Beach (no beach cam anymore). If you drive, you need to bring a credit card for the parking lot, which is Delray’s cash cow and frequently checked by meter maids.
  8. The clothes drying rack is back. It is folded up in the washer/dryer porch closet. Unfold it and set it up if you want to use it.
  9. The TV should have regular cable – nothing special. If it isn’t working call Comcast to reset the box.
  10. There is a pretty fast ADSL wireless network in the condo:
    1. Join the network with SSID federal122
    2. pword is: pqqg8ph4nm  (WPA 2) call Norm 312 961 3128 if you have any trouble with it.
  11. There is no local phone service. Use your mobile.
  12. Use any of the food, condiments, liquor, spices, etc. but please replace anything that you use up, preferably in kind.
  13. Watch out for the electric pen…


When you leave:

  1. Clean the bedrooms
  2. strip the beds
  3. if you have time, wash/dry the sheets and put them back on the bed.
  4. Empty trash cans and recycling bins (black is for paper/cardboard; blue is for cans, bottles and 1-7 plastic)
  5.  Clean the kitchen
  6. Wash all the dishes, dry them and put them away.
  7. Unload the dishwasher
  8. Empty perishables from the refrigerator
    1. Milk
    2. Vegetables
    3. Eggs
    4. Bread
    5. Leftovers
    6. Open jars of spaghetti sauce
  1. Throw out the coffee grounds and rinse the coffee pot
  2. Take out ALL the garbage
  3. Take out ALL the recyclables
  4. Wipe down the counters
  5. Pull down the hurricane shutters on the back porch all the way until they lock automatically. The key, if you need it, is hanging on a loop off the washer/dryer closet handle, where you found it when you arrived.
  6. Turn off (push down) the Hot Water switch in the back of the laundry closet. Use a mop or broom handle if you can’t reach it.
  7. Unplug the washer and dryer.
  8. Turn off all the lights and fans.
  9. Close the windows.
  10. Close the rear sliding doors — the hurricane shutters lock, so you don’t need to lock the rear sliding doors.
  11. Close and latch the front sliding door.
  12. Set the thermostat to 78 degrees for cooling. The programmable thermostat should be set on COOLING to 72 degrees for two hours every morning, and 80 degrees at all other times. If you had previously turned it off, just turning it ON for cooling should suffice. If you changed the program, change it back so that it’s set for 72 degrees for two hours in the early morning, and 78 degrees the rest of the time.
  13. Of course, last one out locks the front door.

16, Email us when you leave, so we can think about being in Florida…