TriRail & Bus Info

To get to Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale airport, you can take a #70 bus the Plaza across the street to the TriRail and then take the train SOUTH to the Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale stop (not the Ft. Lauderdale stop) where a shuttle (think “short bus”) will take you to the terminals. When I do this, it takes me just over an hour from the front door to the airline gate. It costs much less than a “go-shuttle” and usually takes less time. The bus is $1.50 for a single ride and someone told me $3.00 for all day (?). The Tri-rail is $4.50 to the airport. You must buy a ticket before you get on the train for there is a big fine. You can take a cab to or from the tri-rail, according to Kitty.

Here are the links you need to figure out it out for yourself:
Bus schedules for all buses and to Tri-rail choose the southbound schedule and your stop is Plaza at Delray
Tri-rail schedule to the airport Choose yours

This is one of my frequently used itineraries:
Catch the 70 bus at 10:07
Catch the Tri-rail at 10:35
Arrive airport at about noon
Flight leaves for Chicago at 1:20